Let’s Get Inspired

Offering solutions for finding clarity, direction, and

positive changes through personalized holistic wellness and movement.

Let’s Get Inspired

Offering solutions for finding clarity, direction, and positive changes

through personalized holistic wellness and movement.

Let’s Get Inspired

Offering solutions for finding clarity, direction, and positive changes through personalized holistic wellness & movement.

Welcome to the Inspired Mind Matters Wellness Studio at the Chautauqua Resort & Conference Center. Located at 300 14th St. NW, Long Beach Washington 98631

Welcome to our Boutique Wellness Collective! We're a group of passionate teachers dedicated to helping you stretch your body and mind, igniting your imagination, and guiding you to find peace in your thoughts and life.


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In addition to our regular classes and workshops, we also offer private sessions, group classes, and corporate wellness sessions. Contact us for more details on how we can customize these offerings to suit your needs.


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Each of our teachers and workshop leaders operates independently, allowing them to collect payments in various ways. Check the class details in our calendar section to see which payment methods are accepted, or feel free to contact us for more information. From cash to Venmo to Square, our diverse payment options ensure that our talented instructors are fully compensated for their expertise and energy, delivering top-notch yoga classes tailored to your needs. Think of our studio as a vibrant canvas, where each teacher brings their unique colors and designs to create an enriching experience for you.


A personal note from Michelle:

Hi, I'm Michelle, the founder of this studio. With over a decade of passion for personal development behind me, I'm dedicated to making wellness accessible to everyone. If you have any questions about our classes, teachers, studio, or coaching services, please reach out through our contact page, and I'll be happy to assist you.

My mission is to assemble a team as passionate about wellness as I am. Whether you're just beginning your wellness journey or seeking to deepen your practice, we aim to be your trusted wellness destination. Let us accompany you on your path to finding peace in the present moment while guiding you toward your goals. If you are a teacher looking for a space, let’s chat!

With Love, Michelle


What Clients Have To Say

"Michelle brings her vast knowledge, enthusiasm, and energy into teaching breathwork and meditation. Exploring different styles of both breathwork and meditation has been helpful and has led to the creation of these practices in my daily life. Michelle also inspires with personal development practices – setting goals and giving the gentle nudge that is needed, along with empathy, kindness and understanding. She also brings a lot of fun to each session! I would highly recommend Michelle and Inspired Mind Matters, LLC "
- C.H.

"Inspired Mind Matters, LLC changed the quality of my life! I was highly stressed at work and my brain would not shut off at night, so I was put on prescription sleeping meds. Even though I was projecting that I was happy on the outside, inside I was dissatisfied with myself. With the tools that Michelle provided, I have dramatically reduced the stress, can meditate to recenter myself and go to my happy place with a squeeze of my fingers. I learned to love myself again and am truly happy in all aspects of life. Everyone can benefit from an Inspired Mind Matters program! "
- Michaelle Costner

"I really enjoyed my sessions with Michelle and Inspired Mind Matters, LLC. Michelle is exceptionally genuine and cares deeply about me and my goals. She helped me to identify and set appropriate boundaries with work and my personal life. She was also understanding and flexible when life got in the way of some goals and helped me adjust as needed. Learning the various breathwork strategies was really helpful. I love that I now have a toolkit of different options depending on whether I am stressed or need energy, etc. My favorite part of each session was the meditation. I have wanted to meditate for a long time, but it was something I struggled to do on my own. Michelle had a variety of styles of meditation for me to try out, and I now find myself wanting to meditate and incorporating it into my life. I am really looking forward to continuing to learn with Inspired Mind Matters! "
- L.S.

“That’s your trauma talking.”

"With those words, Michelle launched me on a journey of finally, and for real this time, addressing the fears and trauma resulting from the sudden death of my first wife, Angela, 15 years ago.

The important thing to know is that I thought that I had addressed the issues for myself that arose from that event. In truth, I had not. Through staying busy and convincing myself I was fine; I did not notice the big gray cloud that existed where thoughts of a happy future should be. I could plan trips a year or so out, I enjoyed my life, but I had no expectation of a happy future. And that was a problem.

The reason is that at a very deep level I didn’t believe it would happen. I lived my life expecting my loved ones, and especially Michelle, to not be there.

I also realized at that moment just how deep Michelle’s understanding of trauma, loss, pain, and healing ran.

I had been aware of Michelle learning and talking about wellness, meditation, and how much they were helping her. She talked about how much she was learning and how she thought other people could benefit from the work she had done, if only they had the time. I enjoyed listening to her and encouraging her, but Michelle dabbles in many things, and I thought that this to would pass. It did not.

What shocked me as we discussed my own issues further, was that over the better part of decade of study, Michelle had become an expert on using tools and processes to help calm and heal the mind. She learned that everyone could live their best life and that more importantly, she could help Inspire them to do it. She could provide the tools and processes to let people learn that life transitions don’t have to be disruptive and scary, but that they can be transformative in a very positive way if we allow them to.

Michelle launched Inspired Mind Matters, LLC to synthesize all her countless hours, years of study, and work into 6-week programs designed to inspire and transform people’s minds, beliefs, and enjoyment of their lives.

If you are a person that is going through transitions in life, has past trauma, or just wants to squeeze more enjoyment out of the time you have on this Earth, I encourage you to look deeper into Inspired Mind Matters, LLC’ programs. I believe that there is one for you.

Inspired Mind Matters, LLC is the work that Michelle was born to do and if you are reading this, I hope you give her a chance to help you Transform through Transitions."
-Erik Svendsen

Michelle has worked hard to create a space that is relaxing & beautiful. Her studio is truly an inspiration & a place that feels comfortable to work on physical & emotional states of being.

She invites her students to stretch a little beyond their comfort zone, yet supports them in a positive manner with respect to where they are currently.
I highly recommend Inspired Mind Matters Studio, especially for others who might be on the fence about embarking into something new. Michelle is extremely compassionate & committed to providing the very best yoga experiences for each client. 
-Kris W.

The most inspirational thing about Michelle's classes, is the way I can hear the positive things she says in class, replaying in my memory on a day to day basis. This really helps for the in between time. 😁 She radiates really wonderful energy! Energy that is easily absorbed to get one into an uplifted state of mind.

-Jeanne B. 

If you have not had a breathwork session with Michelle, I encourage you to do so! Her studio has a calm and relaxing atmosphere. She guides you through the journey. If you can breathe, you can do this! I always enjoy my time with her and come away feeling 1000% better. Do yourself a favor and reach out to see how she can help you. Your body and mind will thank you.

Michaelle C.