Inspired Mind Matters, LLC

Personal Development Coaching

In working with a personal development coach, you have someone supporting you as you navigate your way to a new mindset, a better vision of the future, and direction on how to get there, all while learning to feel your best. 

Together we will look at where you are in life at this moment vs. where you want to be. We will create a plan of how to get there and what that path looks like holistically. This plan is skillfully paired with ancient techniques and modern tools that fit your individual needs. This combination will help you achieve your goals and make the changes you want to see. As with all coaching; you will get out of it what you put into it. This program is designed for people ready to make changes, to be more successful, to be happier and more balanced, and those willing to put the work into living the life of their dreams. Affordable coaching programs, and hourly coaching available.

Stress Management Coaching - Manage your stress or it will manage you.

Personal Growth is easier to maneuver when you learn to control your stress response. Breathwork, meditation, mindfulness are all great ways to easily help ease your nervous system out of fight, flight, freeze, and back into the rest and digest mode. I firmly believe that stress management is a key element in holistic wellness and personal development. These tools and techniques are a part of every Inspired Mind Matters, LLC Program so that you can learn to quickly notice the stress response and change it immediately.

Benefits of managing your stress can include: lowered blood pressure, reduction and better handling of tension, more alert and present, improved attention span, improved well-being and mental health, better communication and interpersonal relationships, and better sleep among many positive effects to the body and mind.


Offering Support With:

  • Mind-Based Stress Reduction
  • Long and Short-Term Goal Setting
  • Removing Limiting Habits and Beliefs
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Creating Inspired Space Inside and Outside
  • Self-Care and Compassion
  • Discovering Your Strengths for Personal and Business Success
  • Finding Your Purpose and Passion in Life
  • Raising Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • Changing mindset for success
  • Manifestation, Visualization, Creativity, Intention Setting
  • Finding Joy and Positivity

Finding Transformation Through Life's Transitions:

  • Divorce
  • Career Changes
  • Empty Nest
  • Menopause
  • Retirement

It is my passion to help others live the life of their dreams. Contact me for more information and for a free Discover Session to see if Inspired Mind Matters, LLC is right for you.

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