Mini & Me Mindful Movement for ages 3-6 with Parent/Guardian

An easy and interactive class done with ages 3-6. You and your child or grandchild can connect in movement and mindfulness. This is an introduction to the mat, breathwork, and mindfulness while still being active and having fun! Classes will be engaging and educational using stories, games, and equipment. This class will teach basic poses with fun names that kids can relate to while used in stories. There will be a combination of activity and mat time. You will be doing poses and having fun right along with your child or grandchild so dress comfortably, and get ready to have some quality family fun!

While children are getting to understand the way their body moves, they will also be starting to learn how to regulate their stress through breathwork and mindfulness. This will become an invaluable tool for them as they grow older. Stress management is often overlooked in children and is considered the root cause of many illnesses and mental health issues. If we can catch them early, we may be able to help them help themselves as life gets a little harder.

Some of our equipment was generously donated by North Jetty Brewing and includes a number of coordination building items such as: a gymnastics bar, child level yoga silk, stepping sones, stability balls, tumbling mats, hula hoops, balance beam, yoga mats, yoga blocks, wobble boards, wobble cushions, and so much more!

Some benefits of youth yoga and mindfulness can include:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Improved outlook and optimism

  • Better Sleep quality

  • Improved physical fitness and coordination

  • Improved focus

  • Better self-esteem and self-regulating skills

  • Improved imagination and creativity

  • Improved inter-personal relationships

Yoga and breathwork are not a substitution for medical attention or treatment. You should contact your child’s doctor to make sure they are fit enough for this type of activity. Never discontinue a treatment plan or prescription without prior consent of your child’s physician.

1 hour $15.00, each additional sibling $10.0 Class will usually include 40 minutes of class with 20 minutes of optional free-play on equipment with parental supervision, or an activity. Parents/guardians are expected to remain with the child at all times and help keep them safe and on-track as much as possible during the class.

What parents are saying:
"My little one and I have attended the first couple Mini & Me Mindful Movement classes with Michelle, and we have had SO much fun!!
The space is peaceful and serene; Michelle's sunset paint job is perfect in the space, and the use of smart lights shifting colours is lovely. The class is calm fun, as guardians and children learn mindful breathing with fantastic visual and kinetic aids like expanding balls to visualize breaths, and pinwheels flowers, (we practiced smelling them then blowing off the petals). We enjoy following Michelle through fun poses as we move together through a story. Today we were everything from airplanes and submarines, to bison, pandas and koalas- even a baleen whale!
During the free play session that follows we had littles dancing, running, playing on stepping stones and a low balance beam- and don't get me started on the joys of aerial silks! One child was running and swinging, one spinning, one practicing supported handstands, and all feeling full of confidence, aware of their bodies, and experiencing pure joy.
I absolutely recommend this studio, Michelle as an instructor, and the Mini & Me class!" ~Kristin W.~