Mini & Me Mindful Movement for ages 3-8 with Parent/Guardian

Welcome to our Mini & Me Mindful Movement classes – an engaging and interactive experience designed for children ages 3-8 and their parent/guardians. Join us for quality family time filled with movement, mindfulness, and fun!

During these classes, you and your child (grandchild, niece, nephew, etc.) will embark on a journey of exploration and connection, introducing them to the fundamentals of yoga, breathwork, and mindfulness in a playful and accessible way. Our sessions are carefully crafted to keep little ones engaged and entertained through stories, games, and age-appropriate equipment.

As children learn to move and stretch their bodies, they'll also begin to develop important skills for stress management and emotional regulation. By cultivating mindfulness and breath awareness from an early age, children can build resilience and coping strategies for life's challenges ahead.

Our studio is equipped with a variety of coordination-building tools generously donated by North Jetty Brewing, including gymnastics bars, yoga silks, stepping stones, stability balls, and more. These props enhance the learning experience and add an element of excitement to each class. Aerial Yoga basics are a favorite and Michelle offers individual assistance in a safe and fun way for each age and ability. Parents even get to play in the aerial silks when available.

Benefits of youth yoga and mindfulness include reduced stress and anxiety, improved physical fitness and coordination, better sleep quality, enhanced focus, increased self-esteem, and improved interpersonal relationships.

Please note that while yoga and breathwork offer numerous benefits, they are not a substitute for medical treatment. It's essential to consult your child's doctor to ensure they are fit for this type of activity.

Join us for a one-hour session priced at $15.00, with each additional sibling at $10.00, parents/guardians always play for free! Our classes typically include 10 minutes of structured yoga and breathwork followed by 50 minutes of optional free-play on equipment, with parental supervision.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to bond with your child while nurturing their physical and emotional well-being. This is a drop-in class, wear comfortable clothing.



What parents are saying:
"My little one and I have attended the first couple Mini & Me Mindful Movement classes with Michelle, and we have had SO much fun!!
The space is peaceful and serene; Michelle's sunset paint job is perfect in the space, and the use of smart lights shifting colours is lovely. The class is calm fun, as guardians and children learn mindful breathing with fantastic visual and kinetic aids like expanding balls to visualize breaths, and pinwheels flowers, (we practiced smelling them then blowing off the petals). We enjoy following Michelle through fun poses as we move together through a story. Today we were everything from airplanes and submarines, to bison, pandas and koalas- even a baleen whale!
During the free play session that follows we had littles dancing, running, playing on stepping stones and a low balance beam- and don't get me started on the joys of aerial silks! One child was running and swinging, one spinning, one practicing supported handstands, and all feeling full of confidence, aware of their bodies, and experiencing pure joy.
I absolutely recommend this studio, Michelle as an instructor, and the Mini & Me class!" ~Kristin W.~